About Us

Indian Ice-cream Expo (IICE) is a two-day event that’s co-organised by IICMA (Indian Ice Cream Manufacturers Association) & AIM Events. Seminar is conducted that covers several topics pertaining to ice cream industry such as cold chain, ice-cream ingredients, automation, food safety and packaging. IICE is the only B2B show in South Asia that always provides hundreds of ice cream manufacturers from several parts of the country and world to exchange their views on this platform. It serves as the perfect platform for the manufacturers and allied industry to come under one roof for networking and business opportunities.

IICE with an aim to provide maximum service to its client is laddering growth by 100 per cent year-on-year. The show includes all activities which lead ice cream industries as well as manufacturers to their peak. Companies providing freezing and handling machines, packaging machines and materials, equipment and component suppliers, cone manufacturers, food ingredients companies, cold chain companies especially cold rooms and deep freezers, consultancy services, traders and stockists, raw material suppliers, milk powder and chocolate suppliers, ice cream brands looking for expansions participate as exhibitors in this show.

Indian Ice-cream Expo (IICE) is one of the most significant events in the global ice-cream industry, only one of the three of its kind in the world and South-Asia’s only gathering of ice-cream manufacturers. 9th edition of IICE will take place in Ahmedabad and this event has successfully filled the vacuum in this segment by organizing an international event for ice cream industry in India.